Innovative Architectural Creations, LLC
Martens Innovative Wood Creations
Robert Martens, AIA
Luxemburg, Wisconsin

Furnishings and Crafts

        Purple Martin Birdhouse                          Purple Martin Birdhouse
        Design:  Paddlewheel 


  Toy Box                                                                               
Blacksmith Shop for Nativity Scene
  Lincoln Log Cabin style box with chalkboard to for
  budding artists                                                                      


  Victorian Dollhouse
 As an architect by trade, I custom-designed this 3-story Victorian dollhouse using the same construction detail  one would normally expect on a full-size home. The house is built from scratch using stud-wall construction  and is equipped with fully functioning incandescent lights.  The roof and walls are designed for easy dis-  assembly and access for viewing the interior           

Model Train Layout


  Wall Decor

                                    Key storage unit
                                    Design:  2-door unit with maple leaf theme
                                    Material:  Maple, Walnut, Zebra wood, Leopard wood, Anigre

                        Storage Unit                                                   
                                Design:  2-doors with 2 interior shelves and corner display shelves                 

  Other Furnishings 

               Salvation Army Krok Center, Green Bay, WI
                    Mission statement display:  Encourage, Enrich, Strengthen
                    Material:  Walnut, Cherry and Tiger Maple

                    Custom-designed credenza
                           Design:  Bottom tambour doors roll down, top tambour doors roll up. Custom-designed                                          stained glass with various leaf theme on gull-wing, curved doors that lift up. 
                           Material: Walnut, Cherry, Tiger Maple, Birdseye Maple and stained-glass. 

  Tiffany-style Candy Dish Lamp
   Design:  Custom-designed stained glass and 4 decorative 'candy dishes' on the back.
   Material: Brazillian Cherry and Walnut


         Design:  Laminated arch trestle  
         Material:   Table top is reclaimed Flame Sycamor, Arched legs are walnut, and woodturned feet 
                            are Genuine Mahogony, 


     Toy Train display table
       Donated to the Cerebral Palsy Center, Green Bay, WI 
       Design:  Toy train displays on top, 1 storage drawer, adjustable legs accommodate children of all heights
       Material:  Baltic plywood, with Walnut scroll saw cutouts

                                     Garden Trellis
                                                 Design:  Gothic-style with bent lamination
                                                 Material:  Cedar

                                Design: Full-size bed fully encased within 3-sided wall enclosure. Wood bed frame addition                                 was custom built to allow a 90-degree turn to the bed. 

    Storage Unit
      Design:  3-door unit.  (1) 2-door storage unit, and (1) 1-door storage unit 
      Material:  Sapele

             Kitchen storage shelf unit
                  Materials: Red Oak


 Kitchen Storage
 Design:  Butcher block cutting board top with side extension.
 Material:  Maple cabinet.  Butcher block top made of various hardwoods. 

    Sewing Desk

4-String Mountain Dulcimer with carved Maple Leaf head decor. 

  Wall Shelves                                        

     6-shelf curvalinear corner shelf
     Material:  Walnut and Maple

    4-shelf curvalinear corner shelf

   4-shelf curvalinear corner shelf

   5-shelf wall unit
   Material:  Walnut and Maple with Zebra          wood accents. 

       3-shelf wall unit
       Material:  Walnut and Maple

     Bulk Tea Jar shelf unit
     Design:  Mortise and Tenon joints
     Material:  Canary wood and Walnut


  Model Airplane Display Shelf
  Design:  Laminated Curvalinear unit
  Material:  Walnut

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